What We Do

Family law is a multi-faceted area of law dealing with family and relationship matters. As family lawyers, we work to assist you with the legal aspects of transitioning into a new stage of your life. Whether you are in a common law relationship, getting married, separating or getting divorced, you have legal rights and obligations. Cohabitation, prenuptial, separation and settlement agreements set out the terms of your arrangements, which may include support (maintenance) for yourself and/or your partner, child support, parenting plans, custody and access, and division of matrimonial property. Simple or complex, we can help ensure your rights are protected.

We understand the financial challenges of separation and divorce, and the emotional toll it takes on families. We help you navigate your way through the division of matrimonial or shared property, including assets, debts, businesses, investments and pensions. We explain your child support obligations and the objectives of the Child Support Guidelines. We discuss your potential entitlement to and/or obligation to pay spousal support. No matter how complex your situation is, we can help.